Testimonials Part 2

“I would highly recommend David!”

Client Review: He is a highly motivated, skilled and strong advocate for his clients! Always a professional in the courtroom.

“I would highly recommend his services”

Client Review: David is an outstanding attorney. He displays an expert grasp of the law and is a great advocate

Posted by Sumra: If you have an attorney like David you will want to get into trouble again and again !!! Or if you are a law student you won’t find better court room exposure anywhere else but in David’s trials. My Order of Protection hearing with my ex-fiance was nothing less then a soap opera /prime time drama but Davids strategy, composure and rebuttals were oscar winners ….it was like watching a movie ………David is probably the best attorney I have ever seen and I would recommend him to one and all. If good looks alone are not impressive…he has the right Attitude to be successful and the brains to be sophisticated – a perfect legal representative !

“David Freidberg is truly the Best Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney!!!”

Posted by Justin: I had the unfortunate pleasure of needing a Chicago Criminal Attorney. I did not know where to look, and really did not want to ask any of my friends if they knew who would be the best Chicago Defense Lawyer, so I went to the next best place. The Internet!! I searched for Chicago Criminal Lawyers and my first attempt at retaining an attorney was a failure to say the least and was just the opposite of David. Thankfully and luckily on my second attempt I found David Freidberg, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney. He was extremely responsive, calming, super aggressive, and extremely knowledgeable when it came to knowing Criminal Law. He really cared about getting me the best possible result, not just about making a deal to get me out the door. He informed me off all options and the truth is everything worked out better then I could have expected. So I want everyone and anyone in Chicago who needs the best Criminal Lawyer. No need to look any further. David Freidberg is truly the Best Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney!!! Thanks David for giving it your best!!

“Excellent Services”

Posted by Sam: I stumbled on David’s practice through a search online and I am glad I did. He has been very patient and clear on the process. He was there every step of the way and kept me informed at all times. I very much appreciate the quick responses to my numerous questions and can’t thank him enough for the much needed assistance. I highly recommend his services for any issues you need to be legally dealt with.

Posted by Pauly: An attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and keeps in constant contact. It’s a rare find these days. I’ve never met an attorney who worked so hard for his clients, even before they became officially his clients. David has an excellent knowledge of the law, and he strives to keep you informed at all stages of the process. I’ve not had an hour go by without a return phone call or text. Most of the time, it was an immediate response.

“A Talented and Extremely Reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer”

Posted by Andrew W.: I am a fellow attorney in Chicago and I have known David for years. I have found David to be a talented and extremely reliable criminal defense lawyer. David is well respected in the legal community because of his great results. David is also well liked by his clients. David takes the time to talk to his clients and explain the process that lies ahead. Even though David is technically a competitor of mine, I am not afraid to say that he is an excellent choice for any criminal case in Cook County.

“Very Quickly, Professionally, and With Tact”

Posted by Sheila W.: My company was being sued over a claim that we authorized an international ad in a trade magazine. As it was difficult to deal with a company overseas, we contacted Mr. Freidberg who very quickly, professionally, and with tact, was able to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. I would not hesitate to hire him again, or refer him to anyone else.

“Invaluable As An Attorney When Needed”

Posted by Jonathan E.: Not only has David been a good friend over the years, but invaluable as an attorney when needed. His response time is excellent, his follow up is spot on and his candor is professional. I would highly recommend David’s services for anyone who is looking.

“Most Professional, Caring and Hard Working Lawyer”

Posted by E. Jay A.: David is the most professional, caring and hard working lawyer I have ever met. He is highly recommended, and I would trust him with my life.

Posted by Jeremy: David L. Freidberg is somebody I want on my side. He is diligent, smart, tough and does everything he can to take care of his clients. While I have not used David for his criminal defense work, I have done other business with David. Whenever an issue arose and something needed to be taken care, David did it immediately. He kept me up to date on everything throughout the process. If I ever need a criminal defense lawyer, I am calling David L. Freidberg.

Posted by Brandon: David worked wonders in the courtroom for my family on a very difficult case. Extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the law, and most importantly his compassion towards clients. He is not afraid to put the judge and/or prosecution in uncomfortable situations if it means a better outcome for his client. You can expect David to deliver exceptional results, adhere to cost, and show up on time. You will not find a more dedicated defense attorney which is why I highly recommend David Freidberg.

“Many Thanks To An Attorney, You Can Trust 100%”

Posted by a DUI Client: I had no experience at all dealing with the court system and the issues surrounding having someone you love locked up in jail. I happened to be up late the night my boyfriend was arrested, worried sick, googled for a lawyer dealing with probabtion violations, and David’s name popped up, along with a long list of others. I read his reviews and thought I have nothing to lose by sending him an e-mail. I had a response in less than 30 minutes on a Friday night at 10PM.

We talked the next morning and he assured me he would do all he could to get him out of jail. I had many questions and concerns and David ALWAYS called me back quickly or sent me a text or e-mail. He was perfect in court. He was polished, positive, respectful, and punctual. I have never heard a judge say out loud in court to anyone, you are lucky to have had such a great lawyer! I was stunned, but truth, he did an outstanding job and I am forever grateful for his time and expertise. I would recommend David to any one of my friends.

“David’s a fine lawyer”

Posted by Gabriel: I’ve known David for his entire career and know him to be a skilled and trustworthy attorney.

“Experienced, Knowledgable and Trustworthy”

Client Review: I am an attorney myself. When I receive inquiries from clients seeking a criminal defense attorney, I refer the client to David. David is experienced, knowledgable and trustworthy. He fully understands how the criminal justice system works and vigorously defends his clients. I highly recommend David.

“David handled my criminal matter”

Client Review: Im very happy I choose David to handled my case. I called three other lawyers before I contacted him, but he was the first lawyer I talked to that made me feel like I don’t have anything to worry about when I go to court. I made the right decision by choosing David and would recommend him to handle your criminal matter.

“Cheap & Effective”

Client Review: David is a reasonably priced attorney who is willing to work hard fof his clients.

“Review for D. Freidberg”

Posted by Maria: David was very reliable and informative. I am not very knowledgeable with the consequences of many crimes, nor what lawyers can do to help their clients. David made me a great deal, and I felt very optimistic with my decision in choosing him.

“Thank you david freidberg for your help”

Posted by a Federal Crime Client: I put my trust in david to help me out in my case and im glad i did . david did better then what i had been hopping for. he stayed optimistic and kept reinsuring me that everything was going to be fine. we stayed in communicaation through out the entire trial process always returnibg my phone calls, text messages and e-mails. i have no negitive comments on david just im greatful to have had his help.

“Great results”

Client Review: He was fast, efficient, and kept his word. He came to court impeccably dressed. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. I would recommend him.

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