Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

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A person may find themselves facing charges for predatory criminal sexual assault and not know where to turn. This charge is amongst the most serious crimes of which a person can face. It is charged as a Class X felony and if a person is convicted of this crime, he or she is not eligible for probation, and will spend the entire period of the sentence in a prison. It is important to know that your case is not hopeless. As with every other crime, the prosecutor must prove the elements of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Although crimes like this often are tried in the court of public opinion, it is important to remember that people are exonerated of these charges.

Zealously Defending Clients Facing Charges of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

Chicago attorney David L. Freidberg has more than seventeen years of experience advocating for the rights of his clients. This extensive legal background has taught Mr. Freidberg that there are always two sides to a story, even when the crime is particularly heinous. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to scrutinize the investigatory process undertaken by law enforcement officers to ascertain if our client’s rights were violated. In cases like these, motions to suppress evidence often lead to the weakening of the prosecutor’s case, sometimes to the point where charges are dismissed. In addition, as terrible as it is, people lie in order to serve some ulterior motive. Our dedicated investigators will look into the people who would benefit from a conviction and explore motivations to discredit witnesses.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

Under Illinois law, a person may be charged with predatory criminal sexual assault under the criminal code (see 720 ILCS 5/11-1.40) when there was sexual penetration of a minor twelve (12) years of age or younger by an individual who was seventeen (17) years or older. This crime is charged as a Class X felony and the sentence is a minimum six (6) years in prison up to thirty (30) years, if convicted. In addition, the sentence will be extended by a term of fifteen (15), twenty (20), or fifty (50) years if a firearm is used in the commission of the crime. A prison sentence of natural life is possible in this scenario. Further, an accused will face a mandatory life sentence if there is a second offense of predatory criminal sexual assault. These charges can be compounded if there is more than one count involved, meaning that the criminal sexual assault occurred on more than one occasion regarding the same victim.

In addition to the offender being armed with a firearm in committing the crime, a harsher penalty is imposed if the accused:

  • Discharged a firearm during the course of the crime;
  • Acted in such a way as to inflict severe bodily injury to the victim of the crime that resulted in life-threatening hard or a permanent disability; or
  • Administered a drug or other substance to the victim without the victim’s knowledge or consent in order to facilitate the crime.

If convicted of the crime of predatory criminal sexual assault, a person will have to register as a sexual offender with the State of Illinois. This results in restrictions with where you can live, as well as resulting in scrutiny and persecution by neighbors who may have access to your sexual offender registration status. Whenever you move to a new location, you will have to re-register with the local authorities. This triggers alerts and notifications depending upon the jurisdiction. Once an individual is convicted, even after release from prison, he or she will never be truly free again. Before the situation arrives at this point, it is imperative to enlist the aid of an expert criminal defense attorney.

David L. Freidberg Aggressively Defends Clients Charged with Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

Out of the myriad of sexual-based crimes of which a person can be charged, predatory criminal sexual assault probably is the worst. Chicago attorney David L. Freidberg has defended individuals on all types of charges and acknowledges that this crime is particularly heinous. However, and this is a significant “but,” just because a person has been charged does not make someone guilty. Law enforcement agencies make mistakes, people lie, and the terrible circumstances that surround this crime may negatively impact a victim’s ability to identify the perpetrator. Our committed defense lawyers will investigate every possible defense and create a strong opposition to the prosecution’s case. We will zealously represent our client and achieve the best possible result. To discuss the specifics of your case, contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation by emailing us or calling (312) 560-7100.