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You may find it necessary to obtain your criminal background (Rap Sheet) in Chicago at some point in time. This could be because you are seeking to expunge or seal your Chicago criminal record, your employer is requesting it or you just want to make sure what is in fact on your criminal background. Whether you live in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs or out of state, the process is quite simple.

In-State Rap Sheet Retrieval

If you live in Chicago or nearby, you must report in person to the Chicago Police Department located at 3510 S. Michigan Avenue between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm to be fingerprinted. The fingerprinting department is not open on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

You will also need to bring a valid state driver’s license or a valid state identification card if you do not possess a driver’s license. Additionally, you will have to pay a $16.00 processing fee. The payment may be made in cash, check or money order made payable to the Department of Revenue. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

Once that is completed, you will be given a REQUEST FOR ACCESS AND REVIEW form to complete. It might be helpful for you to bring your own pen or pencil. When the form is completed, you will take the form to cashier window #3 or #4 in order to pay the processing fee. You will receive the pink copy of that form as receipt of payment. Please keep that pink copy with you at all times, you will be required to show that copy when you pick up your rap sheet.

When you pay the processing fee, you will be shown to the waiting area. Your name will be called and you will be sent for fingerprinting to ensure proper identification and so that your rap sheet will be correct.

Generally it takes five (5) business days for your rap sheet to prepared and available for pick up. There are times when you may obtain your rap sheet on the same day but that is not guaranteed. If you are leaving the state for an extended period of time, for instance, let the processor know and they might make an exception. Be aware, only the person requesting the rap sheet can pick it up, no friends or relatives can do this for you. And do not forget to bring your pink copy receipt when you go. If you do not pick up your rap sheet within thirty (30) days, you will need to go through the entire process again and pay another fee.

Out-Of-State Retrieval

If you reside outside of Illinois or it is not convenient for you to physically go to 3510 S. Michigan to obtain your Chicago rap sheet, you may do so by mail.

First, you will need to appear at your local police department and make a request to be fingerprinted. You will be given your fingerprint card upon completion. Do not bend the card, it will make it more difficult if not impossible to process it later.

The next step is to enclose a copy of your current valid state driver’s license or state identification card in a sturdy envelope. The same processing fee of $16.00 applies (cash, check or money order made payable to the Department of Revenue. You must also enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your Chicago rap sheet. Make sure to include enough postage.

An additional requirement is a short letter, written by you, as to what you are requesting, namely, the rap sheet. You just include any and all alias names used in the past. If you have used a different name, for instance if you’ve gotten married or changed your name since your last arrest, you must include the original name. Further, the letter must include a working telephone number. Your request will not be processed without that information.

Finally, you will then mail the entire package to the following address:

Chicago Police Department
Field Services Section – Unit 166 / Attn: Mr. Jerry Young
3510 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60653

All requests for JUVENILE (16 and UNDER) “RAP SHEETS” will be directed to the Youth Division at 312-745-6004.

If you are requesting your Chicago criminal background for the purposes of expungement or sealing, The Law Offices of David L. Freidberg can prepare and appear at the required hearing for you. Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at 312-560-7100 for immediate assistance.

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