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If you have been charged with a Chicago drug related offense the Court immediately hold a bond hearing to determine the amount you need to post to gain your release from jail. This is standard in all criminal offenses in Chicago. One of the options the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has is to request a judge to hold a hearing requiring a source of bail hearing prior to money for bail being posted. The reasoning is that the Chicago judges and States Attorneys want to ensure that the monies posted for bail are not from illegal sources. It is imperative that you seek an experienced attorney like David L. Freidberg for these hearings to ensure that the hearings are conducted correctly and that you or your family member is able to return home to his or her loved ones from the Cook County Jail.

What requires a source of bail hearing in Chicago?

Not all Chicago drug charges necessitate a source of bail hearing. It generally requires a charge of either possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver or a charge manufacture of controlled substances and the amount of alleged narcotics possessed or delivered is extremely large. The reasoning behind this is that if someone is charged with a large amount of drugs in Chicago, there is a greater possibility that that individual is in the “business” of selling narcotics and, as such, has proceeds from the sale of those narcotics with which to post bond. These Source of Bail hearings can be complicated. Quite often David L. Freidberg has been retained to handle these hearings when another attorney has been unable to gain an order allowing the family to post bond. For Chicago cases, these hearings require very specific documentation and need to be handled correctly. If handled incorrectly, the judge can deny the motion and your loved one will be unable to post bond even if the funds being used are from legitimate sources.

David L. Freidberg has earned the respect of the Chicago courts by knowing how to file the correct documentation the first time up in court so as to avoid any unnecessary continuances. This in turn benefits our clients in that they will be able to post bond quickly and avoid any unnecessary extra jail time for the client.

With more than 25 years of experience, David L. Freidberg, a Chicago criminal lawyer, is more than qualified to handle your source of bail hearing in Chicago. He knows exactly which motion to file and what documentation to attach to the motion. Additionally, because of his experience in the Chicago court system, he will also better prepare the witnesses required to testify at the Source of Bail hearing. Contact David L. Freidberg 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,if you or a loved has been charged with a drug crime in Chicago and the State’s Attorney is requesting a source of bail hearing. As always, your first consultation is free.

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