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When you are arrested in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs for manufacturing a controlled substance, you can face harsh penalties that can result in long prison terms, staggering fines and other consequences that cause major disruptions to your life. The government’s zeal to fight the “war on drugs” has swept up innocent people, and individuals with minor roles on the periphery of a narcotics enterprise also have become collateral damage.

Illinois drug laws carry some of the stiffest sentences in the nation, so the target of an investigation or person facing formal drug manufacturing charges should immediately invoke their right not to speak to the police and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you are charged with manufacturing narcotics, you might also face federal charges, which carry harsh mandatory minimum sentences under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Either way, time is of the essence when ensuring that you have an experienced Chicago drug manufacturing defense lawyer to protect your rights and to fight for the best possible outcome.

Cook County Criminal Defense Attorney David Freidberg – Two Decades of Experience

Illinois drug defense attorney David Freidberg has been taking on state and federal prosecutors for over two decades. This experience means he recognizes the defenses that offer the best chance of obtaining a dismissal or acquittal. He also recognizes when pursuing a favorable reduction of the charges or penalties is the best strategy. Because of his long tenure handling major drug offenses, including charges of manufacturing, Mr. Freidberg can represent individuals charged with drug manufacturing-related offenses in a range of scenarios that include:

  • Operation of a meth lab
  • Conspiracy to manufacture drugs
  • Manufacturing of LSD and other controlled substances
  • Running high volume grow houses (cultivation)
  • Manufacturing K2, Spice and related synthetic drugs

Mr. Freidberg’s success in defending people charged with major drug offenses and his commitment to keeping his clients informed about the status of their case has garnered recognition on many fronts:

  • Rating of “Excellent” by AVVO (rates every attorney in the U.S.)
  • Five Star Rating on Birdeye (35 Reviews as of 4/23/15)
  • 97 percent 5 star ratings by former clients on Birdeye (as of 4/23/15)
  • Perfect 5 star rating from Google (12 reviews as of 4/23/15)

These are just a few examples of the feedback that Mr. Freidberg has received from former clients and peers because of his tenacious defense of his client’s rights, liberty and reputation; clear and concise explanations; and responsiveness to client inquiries.

Our Cook County criminal defense law firm may seek to suppress illegally obtained evidence from an unreasonable search or an interrogation in violation of an accused Miranda rights. Mr. Freidberg also will dissect the prosecutor’s case to identify breaks in the chain of custody, inconsistencies and lies by witnesses or informants, contaminated forensic evidence, and other factually based defenses.

Defending against Manufacturing of Drugs Charges in Illinois

Criminal charges involving the manufacture of a controlled substance is a serious felony in Illinois. The term “drug manufacturing” refers to the creation of drugs through methods other than growing. Most charges of drug manufacturing involve the production of methamphetamine (“meth”), LSD and similar drugs. While cultivation is a different offense, it is closely related to drug manufacturing. The charge of “cultivation” involves the growing and harvesting of drug producing plants with marijuana as the most common example.

Drug manufacturing cases can be complex because they typically involve large operations and multiple defendants across state lines. If a person is convicted of drug manufacturing, the penalties include long prison terms and substantial fines. Conviction of manufacturing methamphetamine, for example, can carry the following penalties based on volume:

100 Grams but Less than 400 Grams
Minimum Term: 9 years
Maximum Term: 40 years

900 Grams or More
Minimum Term: 15 years
Maximum Terms: 60 years

The fine for a drug manufacturing offense can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to the full street value of the drugs depending on the circumstances of your case.

Federal Charges of Manufacturing Drugs

Although the penalties above may seem daunting, prosecution for the manufacturing of drugs can be a whole lot worse in federal court. Federal charges may be filed if the case involves a large quantity of drugs, major drug enterprise, or multiple states. If you are prosecuted in federal court for drug manufacturing, you will be exposed to especially harsh mandatory minimums and the strict federal sentencing guidelines. Federal judges usually adhere to the sentencing guidelines, so an individual accused of a federal drug manufacturing charge needs a federal trial attorney who is prepared to tenaciously litigate cases against federal prosecutors with almost limitless resources.

While federal judges can occasionally veer from the maximum sentence under the guidelines, the judge generally will not deviate from the mandatory minimum except in very limited circumstances. The penalties under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines increase with the quantity of drugs, and judges are much less likely to deviate from the guidelines when large quantities of drugs are involved in a case.

There are other reasons that you need an experienced federal drug crime defense lawyer if you are facing federal charges of drug manufacturing. The opportunity to receive parole that exists in state courts is not available in federal court. Further, a conviction means serving 85-90 percent of the sentence before there is any possibility for release to a halfway house.

A federal conviction for manufacturing or cultivation carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in a federal penitentiary. This minimum can be particularly harsh on parties who have little involvement in the drug operation. Federal prosecutors often charge individuals with a more attenuated connection to the drug enterprise, such as the person who controls the facility or furnishes supplies and chemicals necessary to manufacture methamphetamine or other controlled substances. Federal prosecutors also use conspiracy charges against people with a less culpable role in the manufacturing process which exposes these tangential role players to the same harsh consequences as the principle participants.

Challenging Unreasonable Search and Seizures

Many drug manufacturing prosecutions stem from the execution of a search warrant based on information provided to law enforcement authorities by an informant. David Freidberg may challenge the “probable cause” supporting the warrant based on inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the affidavits of the officers and/or informants. Our law firm also will carefully scrutinize the execution of the search for unlawful activity, such as searching in places that are not included within the scope of warrant. Our Chicago drug manufacturing defense lawyers will work with our team of investigators to develop the most effective defenses based on illegal law enforcement tactics, violations of the rights of the accused, mishandled evidence, unreliable witnesses, faulty identifications and other appropriate defenses based on the law and facts.

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